Our Portfolio

Inforient Sdn Bhd

Inforient Sdn Bhd is the pioneer in providing a unique end-to-end software solution called “E-SITES” that will assist companies globally to manage implementation of large scale infrastructure projects efficiently. Initially targeted for the Telecommunications industry, E-Sites is built to provide flexibility and dynamism using meta data concepts that will enable E-SITES to be easily configured for other industries implementing large scale infrastructure roll out projects.

SRI Capital Holdings Sdn Bhd

SRI is a clean technology company providing environmentally sustainable, closed loop solutions for recycling tires and waste rubber into devulcanized rubber compound. Their solutions are eco-friendly, high volume, industry compatible, energy efficient and extremely cost effective. Tire and rubber manufacturers enjoy substantial costs savings and sustainability in their end products while maintaining the high quality and performance they require – without changing existing process or equipment.

Marvelnet Technology Sdn Bhd

Intel World Pay (IWP) is a concept developed by the company to embed retail payment process and standards within Intel supported chipsets. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been signed with Intel for Marvelnet to develop such a payment firmware which shall be promoted to an existing ecosystem of Intel’s ODMs and OEMs. Consequently, Intel shall be able to provide end-to-end payment throughout its entire range of microprocessor products.