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Mr. Damien Leong is an advisor of QuestMark Capital Management, a venture capital management firm based in Kuala Lumpur with operations in Hong Kong. He provides advice and consulting for potential investment made into companies related to the Asian Market. He is also the advisor of Kah Lai Toi Channel, he helped to bridge the collaboration in Malaysia and various TV station in China including NNTV, Guangxi TV, GuangDong TV, and Fujian TV and CNA (China News Agency). Mr. Damien Leong is also involved in investment of a solar farm for renewable energy and selling it’s the power to Tenaga National Berhad.

In addition to providing consultation and advices, Mr. Damien Leong was also the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of several companies – Jia Yu Home Entertainment Sdn Bhd and Cosmos Discovery Sdn Bhd. He created a co-operation link with Guangdong TV, established a TV Channel in Malaysia called Jia Yu Channel in Astro. He also oversees the artist management company who manage many popular artists. The artists under the management of Cosmos Discovery had once swept through nine out of ten awards of “Malaysia Outstanding Artist” award ceremony.

Mr. Damien Leong graduated from Monash University in Melbourne in Australia with Double Degree in Business and Law.